Barley DArT®

Triticarte’s barley DArT service is based on a survey of:

  • about 10,000 loci for two different genomic representations from cultivated barley and
  • about 10,000 loci for one genomic representation from wild barley accessions.

Service Barley PstI(BstNI) v 1.7 types about 1,500 markers polymorphic in a wide range of Australian and European barley cultivars and 1,000 markers discovered in wild barley accessions.

A lower density service could be developed and customized if there is sufficient demand. It could provide the genotypes of approximately 400 unique, sequenced markers, mapped on the integrated genetic map of barley.

For a higher density of markers, the second genomic representation could be developed into a new service with approximately the same number of markers. Triticarte will assess the need and demand for the service.

High-density Consensus Map of Barley

For a description of our "high-density consensus map of barley linking DArT markers to SSR, RFLP and STS loci and agricultural traits" by P. Wenzl et al., 2006, see BMC Genomics 2006, 7:206 <> The map was assembled from seven DH and three RIL individual maps using PhenoMap® (GeneFlow Inc.) and JoinMap 3.0.

Triticarte® First Linkage Map for Barley

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